Harley The   Cattle Dog

Join Harley's Birthday Club!!! Send us an email with the name of your dog, their birthday, mailing address and we will send your dog a personalized birthday card from Harley and  a sample* of Smokin' Harley's Bad Ass Snacks.                                                                      *Limit one sample per household per year.

The wait is over.... the announcement can be made!!
My mom and dad are proud to announce the launch date of, "Smokin' Harley's Bad Ass Snacks" on October 01,2016 (thank you Auntie Angela Rose-lane for the Bad Ass part).
Our snacks are healthy and made of natural products, no preservatives, additives or artificial coloring!!!

We feature the following items at our launch date:...
Dingo Bawls
Buffalo Chips
Our snacks come in standard dog size (like for my cousin Snickerdoodle the Poodle) or in Ankle Biter size (small friends).
Big thank you goes out to my Me-maw Kate Rose. Luv you!!!
Stay tuned for an order date coming soon!!!!